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There’s nothing better than spending the summer in the great outdoors - swimming, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, making music, creating art and roasting marshmallows by the fireside.

Don’t miss your chance to live, play and make new friends this summer during the programs at the beautiful YMCA Camp Willson, located just one hour northwest of Columbus.

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Summer Camp

Sing. Dance.
Dress like a superhero.
Be you.
This is your camp.


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Adult and Family programs, conferences, and women's retreats are but a few of the connection options available at YMCA Camp Willson.

We pride ourselves on our versatile facility. At Camp Willson we’re able to host everything from summer camps to conferences to Women’s Weekend! We can accommodate groups of any size—church retreats, family reunions, weekend getaways or even vacations.

YMCA Camp Willson is truly the best of everything, and our location in Bellefontaine, Ohio is a convenient 55 minutes northwest of Columbus. You’re sure to find something for everyone. Let the adventure begin!

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Learn more about our summer camp program!

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“My children loved all the activities and made new friends. They came home with such enthusiasm and so many stories - songs, new games, ideas.
It was truly an amazing experience!”


Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls!
Horseback riding lessons, trail rides, equestrian camps, and more.




High Adventure

Climb over obstacles, scale
50-foot walls, zip-line, or
swing from our giant swing.


“A great opportunity for independence and friendship making.”


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Outdoor Education

Mother Nature's classroom.
School groups, church camps,
and more.


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