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Camp Willson offers four distinct cabin types to meet a variety of summer camp and group needs. With any of the cabins styles, campers and guests must bring their own bed linens and towels. Twin size sheets will fit all bunks. All bunks have rails for safety. Your camper will be assigned a cabin according to program and age considerations. Your campers will be led by caring and knowledgable adults. Group leaders have the responsibility for assigning group members to cabins and for their supervision. Most group participants will use the Hilltop and Ridge Cabins, unless otherwise notified. Camp Willson does not guarantee specific cabins. The Conference Director will let the group leader know what cabins will be available for use approximately one week before arrival.

Main Camp Cabins

Our Main Camp cabins provide 156 sleeping spaces. These 13 cabins house 12 people each and they share two centrally located restroom facilities. These cabins are heated and air-conditioned. With their close proximity to the Dining Hall and Conference Center, these cabins are a favorite for our guests.

Hilltop and Ridge Cabins

Our Hilltop and Ridge Cabins house 14-16 guests per cabin and each cabin is part of a duplex. Each cabin has a restroom with two toilets, two sinks, and one to three showers. The Shower Houses are also available for the Hilltop and Ridge Cabins as needed. With 200 beds, the Hilltop and Ridge Cabins offer flexibility for groups needing one to seven sleeping facilities.

Ranch Cabins

We also have three cabins located at the Bar W Ranch. These ranch cabins house a total of 36 people. These cabins are our newest facilities and they are perfect for any horselover. Restroom facilities are located in the nearby “Chuckwagon” which can also serve as a meeting space/dining hall.


Our Frontier village is a primitive camping outpost. With room for up to 20 campers, this is a perfect site for groups that want to cook their own food over the fire and enjoy time in the outdoors! There are no bathrooms at frontier, a port-o-john can be rented (speak with the conference director) or the shower house on the main part of camp can be used)

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